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A sophisticated, streamlined printing experience for the next generation.

Printing doesn't have to be painful.

Students come to college with an average of seven smart devices. And while they're constantly connected, over 92 percent of millennials prefer print materials to using e-readers.

E-readers are great for travel, but they aren't great for digging into heavy text–or serving the growing interest in on-demand physical photos, labels, and workbooks.

Printing has come a long way.

People don't own printers, and they definitely don't want to go to Kinkos. They don't want to search for a nearby lab when they're in a hurry, wait in line or print off unnecessary materials. They also don't want to harm the environment.

We’ve created a seamless experience where you can print anything with the touch of a button. We've also created the safest printer in history. This one is actually good for the environment. Seriously.

Ready to give it a try?

No more computer labs. Say hello to inkOS.

Simply walk up to a SmartStation or inkTouch and print, share, and send files from the cloud using your mobile device or USB drive–or send files directly from your laptop using inkDrive, anywhere, anytime.

90 percent less software errors

90 percent less software errors

inkOS does not rely on third party print management software to sit between a computer and the printer. It lives in the cloud. So when a new font or capability comes out (and the rate this happens has skyrocketed since the emergence of the cloud), ink is able to deploy an update across all devices, instantly. Really.

Deep, meaningful integrations

Deep integrations

inkOS is compatible with most schools' student-facing or back-office authentication, OneCard, and management system to meet even the most complex IT demands.

Get the job done faster

Quick and painless process

With an intuitive user experience and seamless integration with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and other widely used apps, inkOS reduces the printing process from a painstaking 10 minutes to a brisk 30 seconds.

Analyze this

Analytics that save time and money

inkOS doesn’t just provide reporting; it provides data-driven insights to drive awareness and behavior changes. Get data on things like: Do students have to walk across campus to print an assignment before class? Which academic major prints the most? How much money is my organization saving by deploying a SmartStation vs. maintaining our former solution?

Turn any printer into a Fedex Office

Turn any printer into a Kinkos

Scan documents, watch them appear in dazzling definition. Swipe through to view, rearrange, edit, sign, and, with the tap of a finger, even mail (yes, we'll sign, seal, and deliver). Buy the business cards, posters, banners you needed yesterday and have them delivered at cheetah-speed.



Put the inkTouch in front of your existing printer, and transform it with inkOS.


The SmartStation, a print kiosk powered by frontier technology, leverages groundbreaking laser-robotic technology.


Create and share print bundles to be printed later; mail, sign, fax, store, share, and purchase.



Find the Instagram photo which makes your heart melt the most, add a filter, and bring it to life.


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